Your Business Partner

We are a team of passionate people whose goal is to find disruptive products and distribute them with professional business partners.

We have partnerships and direct contacts with producers in Europe and outside which provide us great products and technical support.

DistroPoint is a part of Euran d.o.o. which include different specialized areas.

Each area has its own management and include different business partners.

To assure a fast delivery, we collaborate with business partners that provide us an efficient and reliable logistics and transports.

Our Team

Why DistroPoint?

DistroPoint is the result of the combination of the experience of wholesale distribution and professional import-export activity.

The origins of professional distribution began in 2006 with uninterruptible power supplies and accumulators. The offer soon expands with precision air conditioning systems and is then completed with residential and commercial air conditioning systems.

In 2012, the sales program introduces biomass and gas heating systems. Particular attention is paid to spare parts.

In 2020 the selling program has been expanded with the reliable and silent heat pumps by Energy Save.

The import-export activity has reinforced the distribution as it has helped to better understand the needs of the market and has created collaborations in different countries.

DistroPoint is dedicated to the professional resellers.